“Although students generally know that poems, drama and fiction are literature, they often assume that nonfiction is not.  They figure that since literature involves the imaginative and the fanciful, nonfiction, especially essays, do not qualify as serious literature. …Without pursuing the complex issue of just how “literature” ought to be defined, we want to suggest that works of nonfiction…should be accorded the same status, granted the same respect, and read with the same care as a poem by Robert Frost or a story by Ernest Hemmingway.”

-John Clifford and Robert DiYanni, Modern American Prose

Once More to the Lake – E.B. White
The Hills of Zion – H.L. Menken
The Brown Wasps / The Judgment of the Birds – Loren Eiseley
Shooting an Elephant – George Orwell
Black Men and Public Spaces – Brent Staples
On Going Home – Joan Didion
The Little Store – Eudora Welty
How to Eat an Ice Cream Cone – L. Rust Hills
Notes of a Native Son – James Baldwin
The Town Dump – Wallace Stegner
Marshland Elegy – Aldo Leopold
Letter from a Birmingham Jail – Martin Luther King, Jr.
A Hundred Thousand Straightened Nails – Donald Hall
Writing Short Stories / The Regional Writer – Flannery O’Connor
On Running After One’s Hat – G.K. Chesterton
We Have No “Right to Happiness” – C.S. Lewis
Bad Poets / A Sad Heart at the Supermarket – Randall Jarrell
The Black Death – Barbara Tuchman
How It Feels to Be Colored Me – Zora Neal Hurston
The Computer and the Poet – Norman Cousins
Does a Literary Canon Matter? – Katha Pollitt
The Knife – Richard Selzer
Under the Influence – Scott Russell Sanders
Is Google Making Us Stupid? – Nicholas Carr
9.11.01: The Skyscraper and the Airplane – Adam Goodheart
Insouciance – D.H. Lawrence

You Owe Me – Miah Arnold
Creation Myth – Malcolm Gladwell



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